100 Tips for Creating Infographics [free ebook]

July 22nd, 2013

Here at ContentPlus we’ve now created over 100 infographics for our clients, in addition to publishing quite a few for ourselves. We’ve learned a lot since we started offering infographics in 2012, and we’re delighted to be able to share some of these important lessons in our latest ebook.

These tips were compiled by ten of our in-house experts dealing with various areas of creating infographics. Starting from marketing strategy, project management, development of a concept and research, through to creating the content and design, technical integration, offsite and social media promotion and measuring the results of your infographic, we give you the inside track to making the most of infographics. The final chapter is all about what you should look out for before choosing an agency to create an infographic on behalf of your business.

Infographics ebook
Contributor Karen Webber, head of marketing communications, commented: “I see a lot of infographics with weak concepts, featuring out-of-date research and statistics with poor designs that do not fit well with an overall marketing strategy. We have put together this ebook to help infographic creators learn from our past experiences. We have had several infographics of our own that have been shared numerous times across social networks, so we know what works well and what should be avoided.”

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