Google+ unveils page and profile improvements

March 7th, 2013

Google+ unveils page and profile improvements

Google+ has slowly but surely developed a dedicated following since it was launched back in 2011.

While it is yet to rival Facebook in the social media stakes, marketers recognise how it can be an effective platform for brands looking to spread their message and build their customer base. Indeed, because it is a relative newcomer, Google has decided to use feedback to guide some of its strategy.

Google+ improvements

Sara McKinley, Google+ product manager, revealed yesterday (March 6th) that some page and profile improvements are being made off the back of user comments.

A new tab is being introduced for local reviews, with McKinley stating: "In addition to your photos, +1's and YouTube videos, there's now a place for all your local reviews. Highlight your favourite restaurants, or hide the tab completely via settings – it's completely up to you."

On top of this, bigger cover photos are being introduced with a better aspect ratio. This means more images can now be used as cover photos. Editing details is also going to be made much easier, as information such as Story, Places and Links are being given separate edit links.

A more sophisticated design

As with other social media channels, Google+ understands how it needs to constantly improve its offering in order to stay relevant. The changes seem to have been well received so far, while they hint at a future move towards ordering posts by theme or topic, which could be a very interesting development.

Find out more about how Google+ is looking to challenge Facebook's dominance.


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