SMEs need to switch on to UK smartphone addiction

May 18th, 2012

SMEs need to switch on to UK smartphone addiction

SMEs have ample opportunity to get on the radars of smartphone-addicted Brits.

A new Google Our Mobile Planet study has revealed that 78 per cent of Brits take their smartphone with them wherever they go, while a huge 97 per cent use the devices when at home. Some 85 per cent check their phones when out and about, while 64 per cent use them when shopping.

While email is still the most popular activity (62 per cent), social networking sites (56 per cent) and search engines (53 per cent) enjoy a similar percentage, meaning small businesses cannot afford not to have a strong content marketing strategy.

Having an engaging Facebook, Google+ and Twitter presence in combination with well-written and relevant landing pages, websites, blogs and articles will increase the likelihood of a SME making itself known to smartphone users.

Just under half of smartphone-owning Brits search on their devices every day – so the potential for small businesses to draw in mobile internet users from search engines is huge.

These are some of the SEO rules SMEs should follow:
• Quality, relevant and engaging content is a must if search engines are to favour a page. This means no keyword stuffing, hiding copy below-the-fold and uploading duplicate content.
• Avoid gateway pages. This is where internet users click through to a keyword-heavy page they believe to be relevant, only to be automatically directed to target content that is of no use.
• Have brand pages on the major social networking sites that listen to followers, quickly answer all customer feedback and complaints and offer unique content and exclusives.

The Google survey noted 51 per cent of smartphone users access social media sites every day, with 80 per cent of total owners logging on to the likes of Facebook. Bing and Google are two of the search engines that increasingly favour social in their results, so small businesses need to get networking savvy – and fast.

For advice on how to include social media in a content marketing strategy, see below:

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