How small businesses can be a hit on Twitter

May 21st, 2012

How small businesses can be a hit on Twitter

Google is a big fan of social media, so make sure your small business is putting its best foot forward on Twitter.

We recently reported that Twitter has attracted ten million Brits, with 80 per cent of members checking the social networking site on a mobile device.

With kudos attached to having a successful and engaging social media presence, and search engines placing increased emphasis on social signals, it is important to get it right on Twitter.

Here is our guide to how small businesses can make the most of the site.

1. Ask questions

If a consumer has taken the effort to publicly follow your brand on Twitter, you need to make sure you show an interest in them. This means asking questions. Not only does this make shoppers feel valued and that their opinion is listened to, it provides convenient and easy consumer research for a business, which can then be acted upon to create a new product or service. Try creating your own hashtag related to a certain event or promotion to boost visibility further.

2. Get those retweets

If someone retweets you, it shows they think you're important enough to be repeated, which in turn can pique the interest of their followers to see what you're all about. A recent Hubspot blog suggested tweeting about Twitter itself, asking for someone to retweet you (eg If you want to get 10% off this weekend, please retweet this) and posting novel and new content that people won't have already seen. This is where content marketing comes in.

Likewise, retweeting positive feedback and engaging posts made by your followers can help to build rapport between you both.

3. Include Twitter in content marketing plans

If you're to take Twitter seriously, you need to make sure it plays an important part of your content marketing plans. The site is a great place to scout for new customers, so treat it as you would your website or in-store marketing. It can easily be integrated with your other efforts, such as promoting a link to your blog.

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Do you know the value of content marketing for your business?


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