eBay sees 10% of transactions made on mobile phones

December 30th, 2011

eBay sees 10% of transactions made on mobile phones

Mcommerce has proven popular over the Christmas shopping period, with a tenth of eBay's transactions made through mobile phones.

The online auction website has predicted that by tomorrow, purchases via mobile phones across the world will be worth $5 billion (£3.2 billion).

Small businesses are well placed to take advantage of this change in shopping behaviour, as rivals that do not have optimised websites could lose custom to those firms that cater for mcommerce consumers.

Speaking to the Guardian, an eBay spokeswoman said: "We're seeing our mobile business grow in triple digits at the moment, so mobile sales as a proportion of overall UK sales are likely to have increased significantly in 2011."

Launching a mobile phone app can also be a wise move for small companies to make, with eBay's already downloaded 50 million times.

What else can SMEs do to boost their mcommerce?

Optimising a website for viewing on mobile phones is not the only step small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have to take to attract mcommerce shoppers.

A previous SeeWhy study posted on ClickZ found up to 97 per cent of ecommerce visitors do not put any products into their cart, while this figure rises to 99.75 per cent for those visiting for the first time.

However, 'serial abandoners' are 2.6 times more likely to revisit a website to make a purchase.

One thing that could attract an individual back is interesting, unique and relevant content, along with a website that is easy to navigate.

This can help keep people on an ecommerce platform while they think their purchase through. Of course, high-quality content could prevent shoppers abandoning their shopping cart in the first place.

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