Twitter advertising on Google ‘could have been big change’ to online promotion

January 10th, 2011

Twitter advertising on Google 'could have been big change' to online promotion

The news that Google will run adverts from social media website Twitter could have been a big change to online advertising, it has been said.

In November 2010, Search Engine Land reported that Google is planning to integrate Twitter's Promoted Tweets into Google Realtime Search.

This means that when people type a search item into Google, Promoted Tweets will appear above other results in its real-time search area.

According to Andrew Girdwood, head of strategy at bigmouthmedia, this move could have been a "very big step" in how search engines work and how companies promote themselves online, if the results were displayed in normal Google searches.

However, he noted that as the results will only appear under the real-time filter, it is "really limited", suggesting that if they were to be displayed on ordinary searches this could undermine Google and therefore is unlikely to happen.

This comes after eMarketer estimated last month that spending on social network adverts in the UK will increase from £130 million in 2010 to £275 million by 2012.  


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