Small businesses ‘must create local sites’

January 11th, 2011

Small businesses 'must create local sites'

Creating local websites is essential for small businesses, one expert stresses.

Writing a guest post for Search Engine Land, Stephanie Hobbs of the Yellow Pages Association urges small companies to take steps into the digital age.

Claiming that there is "no excuse" for not being online in 2011, Ms Hobbs suggests that any business without a site should create one as soon as possible.

And once they have done so, they should ensure they are present on local directory sites such as Yelp.

This means that consumers could easily be able to find out information about them.

By integrating customer service and purchasing options on to the site as well, companies can engender a sense of trust from their audience and give them a better experience of the business, she adds.

Ensuring a local search engine optimisation strategy is in place is another must, according to expert Mike Blumenthal, commenting in an interview for Econsultancy.


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