Small business bosses ‘should do marketing daily’

November 30th, 2011

Small business bosses 'should do marketing daily'

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should dedicate time to their marketing efforts every day, according to one expert.

Patrick Giammarco, founder of PWG Marketing in Ohio, advised small business owners to add a daily appointment in their diary to do some marketing.

He said marketing is an essential aspect of long-term business success and survival, but warned SME owners to approach it strategically.

Jumping in to promotional tactics such as website design, social media or brochures without a clear strategy could be problematic, according to Mr Giammarco.

"A well-defined strategy provides an anchor for which all marketing decisions and activities are founded," he commented.

Mr Giammarco also advised small businesses to look at their website design as part of their online marketing strategy. He said a website should be more than a static brochure and content should be tailored to generate leads around the clock.

Small business website design and content

There are a number of improvements that small business owners can make to their websites to ensure they attract their target audience and then keep their attention for long enough to convert them into customers.

Clear content that updates regularly is at the heart of a good website. Google and other search engines are increasingly favouring sites that offer lots of fresh content that is useful to the visitor – whether that is an online newsfeed, video, blogs or a combination of these.

Website design should increasingly bear mobile users in mind. Where the budget doesn't stretch to the design of a separate mobile-optimised site, businesses should ensure mobile users can easily navigate sites and click on the information they want.

For online retailers, it is imperative that shoppers are assured of the safety of their transactions and that they find it smooth and easy to checkout and pay for their purchases.

<i>What else makes for a good small business website? Share your thoughts below.</i>


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