Optimising websites for Bing

June 9th, 2010

Optimising websites for Bing

Bing may be struggling to make an impact on Google's share of the global search market, but more organisations are beginning to pay attention to it.

Smaller companies, charities and campaign groups are always looking for new ways to reach their customers, partners and stakeholders and Microsoft is showing no signs of giving up the fight.

Microsoft is continuing to invest in Bing, which has partnered with Yahoo. Recent figures from the crucial US market, show Bing and Yahoo's combined market share approaching 25 per cent.

As a result, organisations are now considering Bing when developing their search strategies.

According to Sam Tilston, SEO director of the consultancy Idea Taxi, optimising a website for Bing – making it easy for the search engine to understand and rank web pages – is relatively straight forward.

"Optimising for Bing is very easy," he said. "The major ranking weights are on the domain name and URLs.

"If you want to optimise for Bing easily, make sure your target keyword is in the domain name, if not then at least in the URLs. For Google it is much more complex," he added.

One effective means of optimising for Google is to regularly produce relevant, unique content. A blog or a news feed can help to quickly increase the size of a website and convince Google of its importance with regards to particular keywords.


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