Mobile platforms offer marketers new medium for the message

May 27th, 2010

Mobile platforms offer marketers new medium for the message

Mobile platforms offer companies a new way to reach their target audience, assuming they have relevant content to put up.

With the advent of the iPhone and an increasing array of hand-held devices which can provide information, there are more means of reaching your audience than ever.

Among the most recent innovations on the iPhone has been the use of in-application advertising, helping companies engage with users as they explore the huge number of games, tools and gadgets available for the handset.

The iPhone has also helped bring content to people on the move, enabling them to read their favoured websites and stay up to date with breaking news.

Christian Louca, managing director of mobile marketing firm YOC UK, said the potential for finding new ways of interacting with consumers was huge.

"The iPhone is an exciting platform," he commented. "There is no denying that it has helped to show the industry what can be achieved."

The iPhone has now been joined by the iPad, which Apple released in January in a bid to target the middle ground between mobiles and laptops.


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