Mobile marketing ‘a business essential’

January 31st, 2011

Mobile marketing 'a business essential'

The increase in the popularity of smartphones, in particular the Apple iPhone, means brands now have access to consumers during every hour of the day.

Such is the suggestion of the Liverpool Daily Post, which states retailers have had to try and catch up with the soaring advancement of technology.

As a result, having a robust online and mobile marketing strategy in place can help ensure companies enjoy long-term success.

"Last month's snow has been cited as a reason for poor Christmas sales figures by high-street giants like Mothercare and Next. By focusing on their online presence, retailers can ensure they are able to continue trading come rain or shine," the newspaper asserts.

But retailers need to make sure they are flexible in their approach to mobile marketing, as moving online means there are now thousands of competitors to out-perform, rather than the handful seen on the high-street.

Indeed, commenting on the online marketing trend, Local SEO Guide's Andrew Shotland recently wrote on Search Engine Land that small, local businesses should take advantage of the potential traffic surge that could come from people using their mobile phones to search for local firms.


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