Lumix, Shreddies and Asda have great online reputations – how is yours?

June 8th, 2012

Lumix, Shreddies and Asda have great online reputations - how is yours?

Camera manufacturer Lumix has topped a poll of positive online brand reputation.

It took first place in the Kaizo Advocacy Index for spring/summer 2012 as a result of good internet reviews and award wins.

The bi-annual audit assesses a range of platforms, from social media to digital news. Sentiment is taken from the top 20 tweets, the first three pages of Google blog, news and web search results and the top ten Facebook pages.

Lumix was one of only three brands in the whole report to receive no negative posts over the period of the study.

EasyJet came first in the airline sector, with Asda ruling over the supermarkets and Shreddies over the cereals.

"Shreddies proved that content remains king in the cereal category, by creating engaging, shareable content that focused on nutrition and health, a subject of high importance to many parents," the study noted.

How content marketing can boost SMEs' reputations

Kaizo has touched upon the importance of effective content marketing in helping to improve a brand's reputation. A closer look at Shreddies reveals a widely-reported YouTube video launch of muffins and cereals waging a nutritional battle and tweets from consumers claiming to be "addicted to" or "craving" the cereal helped to increase positive online sentiment.

On the other end of the scale, Tesco received a negative score – the only supermarket to do so. Some of the reasons for its poor online reputation included share price fall reports and a vastly-shared blog written by a customer who had a bad experience with Tesco's home delivery service.

SMEs can take inspiration from these points when creating their content marketing strategies. Like Shreddies, online copy across websites, blogs and social media platforms needs to be easy to share and engaging, as well as teaching the consumer something new, in this example, nutritional facts.

Should negative comments crop up, like those experienced by Tesco, small businesses need to respond to these as quickly as possible in a polite and professional manner and provide a solution to keep the customer onside.

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