In-page Google Analytics broken in IE7

April 15th, 2011

In-page Google Analytics broken in IE7

Webmasters who have been using the Google In-Page Analytics report in Internet Explorer 7 face the decision of either upgrading their browser, or switching to a different one.

As of April 12th, security updates released by Microsoft for Internet Explorer 7 have prevented the beta-test version of In-Page Analytics from working properly, Google reveals on the Analytics blog.

Trevor Claiborne, part of the Google Analytics team, says there are two options available: upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 or 9, or switch to an alternative browser like Firefox, Safari, or Google's own Chrome.

In-Page Analytics itself was introduced in October, with a Google Analytics Blog post admitting that its predecessor, the Site Overlay tool, had not worked as planned.

Both are – or were – intended to give webmasters an on-screen idea of which parts of their site receive the most clicks, although the stats are calculated based on page views rather than on the specific link used to access a page.


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