How SMEs can tackle the Google Penguin search changes

May 4th, 2012

How SMEs can tackle the Google Penguin search changes

Google's latest search algorithm changes – known as Penguin – have started to penalise websites.

As a recent ContentPlus article explained, websites that are overly-optimised when it comes to SEO strategies will be pushed down the search rankings. This means SMEs need to put an end to keyword stuffing, placing searched-for content very low down a page and hiding copy below high volumes of adverts, among other things.

Small businesses can help stay in Google's good books by placing copy above-the-fold, making a website more usable and searchable and having a strong social media presence.

Writing for Search Engine Watch, chief executive officer of The Buyer Group Lisa Buyer explained there are a number of things SMEs can do to ensure their SEO plans stay on track.

"The opportunities are greater than ever to take part in some healthy SEO living from other organic marketing sources in places, like social media networks," she asserted.

Thinking outside of the Google SEO box

Google believes that around three per cent of search queries will be affected by its Penguin revamp. To ensure a successful presence in search, SMEs can do a number of things.

Having a presence on social media sites, such as Google+, can help search rankings, but firms should not forget about Pinterest. Now the third most popular social networking site after Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest drives more referral traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ put together.

SME owners should also have a presence on industry message boards, forums and blogs. LinkedIn is a great place for communicating with others in your sector. Posting your blogs and articles in relevant industry groups – keeping in mind not to spam – will make your brand known and plays an important part of overall content and brand marketing strategies.

Read the ContentPlus blog for tips on how to Penguin-proof your website. Further advice about small business SEO can be found here:

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Do you fully understand social search?

What has your experience been with the new Google Penguin search updates?


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