Facebook to improve marketing campaigns

March 5th, 2013

Facebook to improve marketing campaigns

Facebook marketing campaigns look set to improve thanks to the social media channel's purchase of the Atlas Advertiser Suite.

Writing on the Facebook blog, Brian Boland of the product marketing division said the move is going to bring benefits for both marketers and users as it will make it easier to understand how marketing campaigns are working across different channels.

Better advertising

According to Boland, too many brands are creating "poor and inconsistent end-user experiences" because they are not developing multi-channel campaigns that complement each other. Of course, the golden rule of ads is they need to be created using compelling content, which should also be linked to other pieces of relevant content.

He is encouraging brands to get a "holistic view of campaign performance", as by doing so it is much easier to get the right message in front of the right audience.

Reaching out to consumers

If companies want to be successful, they have to influence their target audience. Technorati Media's 2013 Digital Influencer Report found that 65 per cent of top US brands used influencers – defined bloggers or social media users with an above average reach – in 2012, and 64 per cent of these recorded increased revenue growth as a result.

By turning to these individuals, brands are able to drive traffic back to their own website through the creation of engaging content.


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