Expert tips: Succeeding with social media

March 3rd, 2011

Expert tips: Succeeding with social media

Enterprises that are looking to incorporate social media within their online marketing strategy have been advised to set aside a suitable time each day for positive interactions via such platforms.

Writing for ClickZ, Lisa Buyer suggested making a social media presence as interactive and engaging as possible, through blog posts, photographs and videos, to attract potential customers.

She was drawing on online marketing advice given to delegates at the Adding Social Media to the Marketing Mix event in London and Ms Buyer noted: "Remember: the laws of attraction apply to social media. What you put out will come back to you two-fold. Talk about more than yourself or your company and integrate good will and acknowledgement."

As such, she concluded that while social media can help a firm excel, it all depends on what it gives out, rather than takes, during such online marketing campaigns.

Social media sites could prove to be a useful forum for customer reviews.

Recently writing for Search Engine Watch, Jon Schepke stated that by encouraging ratings and reviews, consumer confidence can be bolstered.


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