Email marketing: Getting into priority inboxes

February 4th, 2011

Email marketing: Getting into priority inboxes

Small businesses looking to succeed with their email marketing campaigns need to take into account the latest inbox developments.

This is according to Matthew Hayes of Responsys, writing in a post for ClickZ, who highlights that email platforms such as Google's Priority Inbox necessitate careful marketing strategies.

Such inboxes filter out messages from senders which are deemed less relevant to the recipient.

Therefore, Mr Hayes stresses that brands must ensure their emails are of value and are sent at the right time.

One of the key things to do, he states, is ensure that the first line of email text is engaging and relevant – this could encourage the consumer to open it.

Ascertaining when recipients are likely to want to receive their email and sending messages at this time is also important, he claims.

Meanwhile, Frank Reed of FT Internet Marketing, writing in a recent post for Marketing Pilgrim, said that brands should also assess whether their audience will be checking email from their mobiles.

If so, messages will need to be tailored for such platforms, he claims.


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