Bing gets the iPad touch-up

April 8th, 2011

Bing gets the iPad touch-up

Microsoft's Bing search engine has gone touchy-feely with the release of a special app-based version for the iPad.

The portal is a free download from the App Store, although it is currently not available to UK customers.

It consists of a ground-up overhaul of the Bing interface, with the familiar text lists common to most search engines abolished, as revealed in a Bing Community blog post from lead programme manager Zachary Gutt.

In their place are context-specific layouts, such as image grids with headlines that resemble the front page of entertainment news sites.

The maps layout is perhaps the most familiar, with a large bird's eye view at the right and location details to the left.

Meanwhile, search for movie information and you are presented with a view of DVD covers and film posters for relevant results.

"Whether it's on your computer, smartphone, tablet or the form-factor of tomorrow, we're constantly exploring new ways to optimise Bing to ensure you're getting the most from your search experience," Mr Gutt writes.


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