Why should I use YouTube as part of my content marketing efforts?

February 17th, 2012

Why should I use YouTube as part of my content marketing efforts?

With Social Media Week coming to a close, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are likely to have all been pushed into the spotlight.

However, one channel that plays an important role in small business social media strategies is YouTube.  A new report from the Chartered Institute of Marketing revealed surprisingly low numbers of B2B companies use the video website. Just over a third of B2B firms make use of YouTube, compared to 53 per cent for B2C organisations.

In total, 41 per cent of marketers said YouTube featured in their social media strategies. Those who do not include it are also missing out on a content marketing SEO trick, as Google has increased its focus on video SEO in recent times.

Not only is video widely shared on other social media platforms such as Facebook, but Google increasingly indexes YouTube videos near the top of its search results. In addition, including video content on a website can help encourage visitors to stay for longer and engage with a brand.

YouTube content marketing – how to approach it

A recent Experian Hitwise UK report noted that in December 2011, YouTube was visited 606 million times by British internet users. This made up a quarter of the total number of visits to social media platforms.

It is therefore important to include video in content marketing.  Some rules small businesses should follow are:
• Optimise the video script with keywords, as they would website copy, in order to help push the clip up Google's search results.
• Post the YouTube clip on both the social media platform and a firm's own website. YouTube can be distracting and people might click away, whereas their attention will likely be more focused on a brand's site.
• Treat video content marketing as written copy. This means regularly posting engaging and relevant videos to keep visitors coming back and to get into Google's good books.

For more small business content marketing advice, ContentPlus can be of assistance. More information about YouTube's potential can be found here:
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