Businesses can no longer afford to ignore social media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn receive millions of visits everyday from members who have already proven they seek out interaction with brands.

Getting it right on social media requires time and effort. Users don’t want to simply be bombarded with sales messages or repetitive updates; they want to be informed and entertained. Providing fresh, high-quality content will keep readers engaged and exploit the huge potential for building relationships on social media, while also driving potential customers back to your site.

Some 63% of companies say posting content on social media has helped increase their market effectiveness.

Interesting content is a top three reason people follow brands on social media and research consistency shows people are more likely to buy from businesses they’re connected to via social media. Some 63 per cent of companies say posting content on social media has helped increase their marketing effectiveness.

For social media to be a real success, your efforts need to be aligned with your marketing strategy and your business goals. Building a follower base requires more than simply occasionally posting updates; it needs a clear strategy and the resources to put it into practice.

The growing number of social networks available to brands also makes it essential to have an expert on your side. When resources are tight, it’s important to know where and how to invest them.

Each social network places different content demands on a business, but crucially all require regular updates of high-quality content to attract followers. Content marketing and social media work hand in hand to boost your brand awareness, engage potential customers and ultimately grow your business online.

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