Infographic created by ContentPlus depicting the anatomy of Content Marketing.

Infographics have shifted from being a little-known content tool to an important part of many content marketing strategies in the last few years.

A combination of quality content and compelling visuals, infographics are highly informative, shareable, engaging and effective in building strong, relevant backlinks to your website. Whether you operate in a B2B or B2C industry, infographics deliver results.

As with all forms of content, quality is a vital consideration when creating infographics. Our infographics produce the best results possible by deploying them in the context of your wider content marketing and social media strategy.

Infographics are developed by our Creative team, based in Manchester, in conjunction with our content marketing specialists and account managers. Each infographic is developed to fit your specifications and goals, and is created by one of our highly-skilled graphic designers.

The ContentPlus team can provide you with research and analysis to develop your data visualisation, as well as distribute the infographic via social media and PR wires, and provide the technical integration to host the infographic on your website.

Let us help you maximise your content strategy with the inclusion of infographics.